Stress Balls - 3 pack

- Blue, Green and Pink

"With Free Exercise Guide"




Made from safe Themroplastic Rubber (TPR) which is BPA and PVC free.   Egg shaped design is perfect to cater to more hand sizes than regular round stress balls.

Easy to clean with simple wipe down or wash, which is essential for objects frequently handled such as stress balls.

The colours of this stress ball trio, blue, green and pink, are known calming colours, aiding in the relaxation and stress management experience. Additionally, colours can be focussed on for visualisation practise.


Bhava Life egg shaped stress balls provide a natural grip shape for optimal strength training. All three egg shaped balls are equally weighted to promote even strength training in both hands simultaneously during strength training exercises.

Stress ball strengthening is perfect for improving strength and function in gripping activities for both occupations and hobbies. Free exercise guide for hand strengthening and relaxation is included with each purchase.



These egg shaped stress balls are suitable size to be used effectively as a fidget toy for adults or fidget toy for kids, to allow better focussed attention.


Particularly useful for people with sensory processing or attentional challenges to improve function in both work and school environments.


These egg shaped stress balls are perfect for use as focus points for visualisation and relaxation exercise.

They provide stress relief for adult anxiety and also can be used as stress relief toys for kids. Stress balls can be used for progressive muscle relaxation training known to improve stress and anxiety responses.



The stress balls come in a beautifully finished black carry bag, making transport in to any environment discreet and hassle free, and ensuring all three stress ball can be easily kept together as a set.


Free Bhava Life exercise guide for hand strengthening and relaxation is included with each purchase!